Sunday, October 22nd, 2017

10 Minute Ab Workout: How to Get a Six Pack


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On today's episode of XHIT, physical fitness instructor Rebecca-Louise shows you ways to start your 6 pack with ten minutes of intense core exercises. Find out ways to get a flat belly as well as slim down at the exact same time with this quick, yet reliable workout! Comply with along as well as allow us understand what you believed!

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70 Responses to “10 Minute Ab Workout: How to Get a Six Pack”
  1. chester field says:

    round of applause for her being able to talk and do this

  2. Caitlin lily says:

    *30 seconds into the workout*

    “Do I have a six pack yet???”

  3. Ninnie says:

    started June 1st, will do it everyday and keep y’all updated!

  4. Naya Jade says:

    eating this while watching chips

  5. Ada Kubera says:

    I made it! Thank you , I feel amazing!

  6. me me says:

    I finish this exercise with much shouting.Neighbours may think I m crazy.My
    elbows hurt doing the side planks.

  7. guyverrob says:

    I don’t really get the Russian twist. I must be doing it wrong but I just
    feel like I’m moving side to side

  8. Kailey Msp says:

    I started about 4 days ago and I already see amazing results, i increased
    the time to 1 minute and 30 seconds and I’d have to say, I’ve been doing
    great, my abs look great!

  9. Julissa Balderas says:

    I have been doing this for six days now and I’m already really seeing
    results . My middle line has already appeared and I have two upper little
    abs at the touch , not visible yet but soon will be . Sometimes I feel too
    lazy but then remind myself, “it’s only been six days and I’m already like
    this, I must go on”. I will try to consistently do this for two months,
    let’s see where it takes me. :)

  10. Marco Ramos says:

    Start :June 28✅End: Whenever I have abs✅ Will keep you guys updated✅

  11. YoutuberForFun says:

    is this a thigh workout or abs workout?!

  12. MaddenMobileSplash says:

    2:54 did anyone else see her in the bottom left corner lol I realized after
    I did this

  13. spongebob says:

    my abs hurt after the workout and i feel like im gona vomit

  14. SaniGirly123 says:

    I read the comments and there’s a lot of progress that people made,I’m
    starting this exercise in 2 days,cause summer.And going to try to start
    changing my eating diet starting Wednesday, so I’ll comment again on
    Wednesday and keep commenting everyday,promise! and see if I made any
    progress ,subscribe this channel by the way I’m going to record every week
    to see if I made progress 😀

    • Piano_candy35 says:

      Hey! This is so awesome! Just something to keep in mind: it took me 6 weeks
      to see/feel a difference in my body so if you don’t see results right away
      that’s totally okay. Just keep going 😘

  15. Tiny Rick says:

    Started, June 1st. I’ll be back in a month.

  16. Linde Meuzelaar says:

    I think it’s enough for me to do the first 5 minutes, I can do 10 but I’m
    only fourteen so I think I deserve a break now ;)

  17. Green GameCast says:

    In the side plank I think is only use the arm muscles. That I wrong?

  18. teun dekip says:

    Started at June the 22th with a fatpercentage of 10,67%,will keep you guys
    updated if you want that :), will be back on wednesday the 6th in that

  19. Kellia Daniel says:

    So I have a little bit of flab on my stomach and everyone’s results is from
    someone who started with a flat stomach does anyone have results if you
    stated with a little flab if so please reply

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