Sunday, October 22nd, 2017

5 min belly fat DESTROYER – Six Pack Shortcuts


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1 weird pointer to melt tummy fat:

Hi there, It's Mike Chang with sixpackshortcuts.

I'm so happy your right here with us today on our objective to get six-pack abdominals.
Below's a quick total body exercise you could do in your home to aid you shed belly fat! We made this workout for those people that are brief on schedule or possibly simply do not have the persistences to do sluggish dull abdominal muscle workouts.

Let's press play as well as get the exercise began, it's time to ruin some fat.

All you require is a timer for this workout so there's no reasons

Routine Break down:
3 set of 30 secs interval collection.

Knee to joint grinds

See, had not been that fast? There is constantly time for a fast workout, keep in mind no excuses.

And if you intend to obtain a torn body as well as six pack abs QUICKLY, take a look at this cost-free video clip currently

Because video clip I instruct you concerning one of my finest workout techniques, "The Afterburn." I'll reveal you exactly how you can utilize the "Afterburn Impact" to burn off your belly fat and obtain a torn body as well as obtain six-pack abdominals that women like.

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57 Responses to “5 min belly fat DESTROYER – Six Pack Shortcuts”
  1. Timppa Boiii says:

    Im just eating nachos here and thinking: “damn I have to start working out,
    ooooor nah maybe tomorrow”

  2. AjoxDK says:

    You’ll be missed Mike.

  3. ricoh moss says:

    *I can do this here hold my beer belly*

  4. Arjan Dhamija says:

    So 5 min everyday for how long? I don’t want six packs I just want to lose
    my belly fat. Can anyone tell me how long I should do it, I’m 125 pounds.

  5. Michael Papiez says:

    Ppl keep asking how long should they do it… LOOK AT THE TITLE!!!! it says

    • Future YouTuber says:

      They mean how long should they Do this workout for, like how long until
      They lose all there body Fat. How many days/months and the obvious answer
      is every fucking day lol but yah in pretty sure that’s what all the
      comments mean

    • Conor Handley says:

      +Isaac Martinez:Plays Minecraft Pocket edition “scenes”

    • Isaac Martinez:Plays Minecraft Pocket edition says:

      brugh are you for reals they mean in long term like for example 2/3 months
      com on bro it’s common scenes

  6. Cedric Goltry says:

    ɷɷɷ Heeey Frienddssss I Have Founddddd Great Guideeee On Weight Lose
    visittt : –

  7. Ivan Martinez says:

    i just finished eating too whataburger meals

  8. GL Brown says:

    Love this fat burner product! After losing 40 pounds I hit a plateau and
    couldn’t lose the last 10 but I am happy to report I have lost the 10 extra
    pounds and am stil losing! I never would have gotten over the “hump”
    without this product! I would definitely recommend WeightLoss GreenStore
    Tea to any one having the same issue!!

  9. PsyWolf98 says:

    How many calories did I burn doing this??

  10. Austin Neese says:

    it actually works I have a awesome six pack I’m JUST 9

  11. ViewsFromTheSixx says:

    I’m really just watching this telling myself I can do this but I still
    won’t pass up the first donut I see…the fucking struggle

  12. Disgust HD says:

    seriously man you’re an awesome fucking dude. I’ve lost 65 lbs because of
    you thank you so much, Chang. You’re such an inspiration man!

  13. zeroline19 says:

    this exercise is legit but also with a good way of diet. else you will
    hardly get in shape fast.

  14. Diego Chavez says:

    after this can i do different workouts like ? running, weights etc ?

  15. noah pudney says:

    today is april 24th 2016 my name is noah my Instagram is LokoSavage i will
    do this twice a day for a month to show results wish me luck💪

  16. Cookie-Sama says:

    i did this before and i saw a huge difference but then school came back on
    and i gain alot more wait than i originally had so now im gonna commit to
    doing this again….
    everyday two times a day
    and eat less….

  17. Arian AG says:

    I see all these comments how long how long,body do them for two(2)weeks if
    u see results do them again if your not do it for one(1)month i garante you
    u gonna kill belly fat.
    But u cant for one day in 5minutes to kill belly fet bcs u dont have 10kg .
    Do them for 2weeks 3time per day and u gonna see awsome results.

  18. Mic Loeffler says:

    All these fat lazy trolls lol

  19. Niko Mama says:

    i am 12 and i weigh 65 kg i wanna lose weight but i struggle alot with some
    exercises does anyone know easier but good workouts

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