Sunday, October 22nd, 2017

Extreme Six Pack Abs Workout — Old School Version


Check this out!

How to get 6 pack abs:


Exactly what's up sixpackshortcutters! I've been getting a bunch of messages for me to do a six pack abdominal muscles exercise. So I determined that today would be that day. Prepare for this intense blog post workout designed merely to obtain you 6 pack abdominals. This workout is ideal, specifically for those that want to lose that last bit of stubborn fat and to show that 6 pack.

I would suggest this workout to be done after a terrific weight training regimen, or a high strength bodyweight cardio exercise. Why do I state this? Well due to the fact that direct abdominal exercises are primarily excellent to build those ab muscles, not shed the fat. So, the most effective point is to do a full body workout to trigger the fat burning process. Once you have actually accomplished that with your workout program, then this abdominal muscle exercise afterwords would be excellent for shaping, and developing those six pack abs.

Here's the complete abdominals exercise:

Mike's Extreme Six Pack Abdominals Workout Add-On:

reverse crisis -20 rep.
toe touches -20 rep.
plank -30 sec.

For newbies, you could start with one round of the Extreme Six Pack Abdominals Exercise. For sophisticated people, do 4 rounds of this abdominal muscles exercise back to support with sixty secs remainder in between rounds.

As well as if you want to take the FASTER WAY to a torn body as well as 6 pack abdominals, watch this video now:.

Because video clip I reveal you why 95% of guys that wish they had six-pack abs cannot obtain them in the fitness center. It boils down to four substantial mistakes that mostly all men in the gym are making … yet which most guys do not also learn about.

I show you just what the blunders are, so you can avoid them. As well as I also reveal you the "odd" design of ab training I use rather called Afterburn Training.

Is Afterburn Educating the 1 tested shortcut to a torn body and 6 pack abdominals? Enjoy this video and also make a decision on your own!

Train hard,.


P.S.– Blog post this link on your Facebook timetable so your pals can get in form also:.

P.P.S.– What did you consider this 6 pack abdominals exercise? Leave me a remark letting me recognize if this video clip assisted you obtain your 6 pack abdominal muscles to reveal.


71 Responses to “Extreme Six Pack Abs Workout — Old School Version”
  1. Lilly Castitatis says:

    I started again today, wish me luck :3

  2. ImperialChicken says:

    Starting today, 7th June, 1946, wish me luck!

  3. TheGmanDraws says:

    starting rn Mon 13th of June ill be back in 2 weeks

  4. KevinsNewWorld-98 says:

    Is it recomended to do this one time a day ? or how much ?

    • XxEpicGamingxX says:


      Ah just wondering, because that can help too!

    • SubEvilGaming says:

      +XxEpicGamingxX i go to the gym aswell why?

    • XxEpicGamingxX says:


      Yeah, good advice! So do you workout in the gym too or are you just trying
      to get abs?

    • SubEvilGaming says:

      +XxEpicGamingxX yeah ive been doing it for about a month now and after 2
      weeks i started seeing results, what i do is to switch it up so that im not
      always doing the same thing. Use the method of 4 sets of 3 workouts
      non-stop (like the 3 he does in this video) with other workouts and youll
      see results real quick

    • XxEpicGamingxX says:


      That’s what I do. Apart from on a Sunday. I train abs Monday, Wednesday and
      Friday. Works for me..

  5. mohammed imtiyaz says:

    I did this once and I already have packs slowly coming 😄 thanks man really
    helped 👍🏼

  6. Ryan Love says:

    I will do this for 3 weeks and give you an update after (170LBS)

  7. alex mercer says:

    Is dis thing work for fat guy like me

  8. userniklas says:

    I tried so hard, and got so… well, I did the first round:D Geez I really
    need this:P

  9. Jose Moreno says:

    teaching us abs but where are his!?!

  10. Thomas Thorpe Larsen (GGgamer) says:

    Been going for 4 days Now. Gonna try and hold it for 6 weeks

  11. Ed Crespo says:

    Any alternative for the toe touches. I find them impossible to do.

  12. ITZ TV says:

    I swear it works I saw results in 1 week I’m starting to get 4 packs and i
    did it once a day

  13. Alex Ma says:

    I’m 13 and only weigh about 70-75 pounds
    I really don’t have much fat, so I’m gonna start this workout today, do it
    once every day, and see if my abs start showing!

  14. m ad says:

    im masturbating while watching this hot guy .. I think im gonna cum few
    seconds later

  15. Killer Downer says:

    I started working out about 1 day ago

  16. Jake Goldstein says:

    My back kills me when I do the second one

  17. Learti Zeka says:

    im 16, 1.83 m and 70 kg. I will start tomorrow an intensive workout. 💪✊

  18. Kyle F. says:

    so they changed the title to old school version…

  19. Froggo7 says:

    Just tried it, feels awesome, like i dont want to do it any other way
    anymore. With this there are no excuses left to not exercise. I hope the
    results will be accordingly. I propably need to loose some weight, since my
    upper abs already show their edges rudimentally.

  20. Fendy Halim says:

    not even 1 round I feel tge burn Soo much

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