Sunday, October 22nd, 2017

Get six pack abs in 6 minutes on your couch. This Works!


Check this out!

The best ways to get 6 pack abdominal muscles doing this very powerful exercise on your couch. You will obtain torn abdominal muscles in just 6 mins per day.

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29 Responses to “Get six pack abs in 6 minutes on your couch. This Works!”
  1. Scott aspect 950 says:

    Remember watching this video when I was 8

  2. Asrar Hassan says:

    I did this for 10 minutes on my couch, still no abs :(

  3. hameed wafa says:

    Olyyyy cowwww i barley did one and I farted

  4. Brian Chin says:

    I got my 6 pack by doing this 6 minutes a day for 6 years.

  5. Pseudo Aesop says:

    I am 4 years old and this workout works fine for me

  6. Χρηστος Μεχμεται says:

    23/3/2016 starting this excercise today, will be doing it everyday for the
    next couple months, followed by 1 hour of cardio and a controled diet, will

  7. Ruddy Francisco Reyes Brito says:


  8. David Than says:

    Does this really work like seriously like lergit man

  9. Tarkan Yalcin says:

    doesn’t work I done everything 60 times

  10. Jon S says:

    What’s up with all the 12 year olds XD

  11. Jenn Johnson says:

    doesn’t work

  12. Lovelle Theodore says:

    thank you soo much I’m a 8
    year old and now I have abbs
    I’m jeremiah by the way

  13. Jacka Ss says:

    Damn… look at this dudes abs, so Beautiful. Of course u have to see past
    that 3-4 inch layer of belly fat first.

    Foreal though Abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym. If your not eating
    all the time everyday to keep your metabolism running high you will forever
    have that belly fat on top of your abs covering it up.

    You can do all kinds of exercises that focus on your abs, you still wont
    get abs Cx. at the very least spend about 3-5 hours a week working out 6
    minutes per day is Absolute bullshit. I personally spend 1.5+ hours at the
    gym 4 days per week and i still dont have solid abs lol though in the
    proper lighting you can see xD, always doing heavy weights with high rep
    counts starting off with low weight though for warmups.

    Sad truth of abs is it doesnt mean anything other than your not fat, and
    these days no one cares of how fat or skinny you are. most guys want abs to
    either get chicks or get respect for his peers. Most people respect How
    much weight you can lift not how cool your abs look lol. And speaking of
    chicks, Highschool was weird, most people that basically owned the weight
    room and lived there got no girls but this fat dude was getting all the hot
    chicks, he looked pretty average with a big ego.

  14. ACE 101 says:

    me to

  15. Johnny Wulff says:

    You need to do more than 20x and way more than once if you do want abs

  16. 010 Boy says:

    This is not werking

  17. Leighann259 says:

    *Guys I found the best website that helps me to get my six pack Abs All you
    guys should try this website*

  18. Aakash Rai says:

    Fitness is the life 

  19. Calvin Fan says:


  20. Ah Prods. says:

    nice masturbation styles

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