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The Absolute Fastest Way To Lose Belly Fat


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What's up people,

It's Mike as well as today I'm visiting show you the most effective method to lose your belly fat. You're see in this video clip how I personally motivate and also constantly push myself … by doing this you could use it to your life and get the body you've always desired.

Video breakdown:

I've read a publication called "The Willpower Instinct", and also it has actually aided me recognize just how we are driven to accomplish our goal.

Many of us have the understanding as well as the smarts to achieve though health and fitness goals but most of the moment it's our weak self-control that is holding us back.

** Note: I directly hear to throughout all my workouts to obtain psychologically get ready for my intense training and plan for my daily activities … it's not only a game changer, it's a life changer.

Now lets reach training:

And also if you want to create a ripped V-Shape body fast, enjoy this video clip currently.

I've constantly had problem getting with stomach fat. It looks like regardless of what I would certainly do, my upper body would never ever obtain torn and also muscular. Till one day I discovered a new style of training called "Afterburn Training" that lastly assisted me burn my belly fat as well as obtain me the ripped V – Forming body as well as abs I've constantly wanted.

Could "Afterburn Training" be the one training style that will help you create a torn V-Shaped top body?

View this video clip to figure out for yourself.

Train Hard,

– Mike.

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60 Responses to “The Absolute Fastest Way To Lose Belly Fat”
  1. DabSHOW says:

    meth that’s how

  2. Κώστας Ροκάς says:

    We wan’t Mike back !

  3. The Golden Ninja says:


  4. Nicholas Fanzo says:

    dont cook plastic in the microwave. jesus Christ…

  5. Lydia Cabrera says:

    And I’m here jacking off. The only exercise I know

  6. Redneck Princess says:

    Haha the flex at 2:07 though😂😂

  7. Karen Duncan says:

    It took you 6 minutes to get to the meat of this video. Geesh! Thanks for
    the info though.

    • Hassan Ajrouche says:

      1 pound of muscle burns 50 calories extra a day if you gain 10 pounds of
      muscle you burn 500 extra calories a day. detox and gain muscle… eat
      chicken, salmon, protein powder drinks, 4 oranges and 2.5 liters of water a
      day for 2 weeks and you will gain about 8-10 pounds of muscle maybe more
      depending on your body and then just by having the extra muscle your body
      will burn 400-500 calories more than you are now after those 2 weeks just
      by having extra muscle…. what you have to understand is that losing FAT
      or weight in general is all up to your diet (btw never do the meat thing
      for more than a few weeks at a time because you can hard your kidneys
      especially if you do not drink enough water. you can do it for up to one
      month but if you will do it for a month then 2.5 liters of water a day but
      after 2 weeks i suggest you raise that to 3 liters of water a day all
      protein and 4 oranges a day or 2 large grapefruit or 3-4 pomegranate or
      switch it up. your weight might go up but you will be skinnier because you
      will have a lot less fat and a lot of muscle

    • DEZ n00ts says:

      I flagged your post. You don’t tell people what they can and can’t do when
      working out. People’s bodies are different.

    • eXpLiiiSiT says:

      same. I started working out everyday of the weekday for 2 straight months.
      267->214. Try to get a salad and watch for my sugar intake as well as carbs
      that are simple, everyday. If you dont wake up as excited to lose weight
      and weigh yourself as you did after that workout, your doomed.

  8. thevizualassassin says:

    Glen from the Walking Dead makes workout videos now?

  9. Hassan Muhammad says:

    if you don’t have willpower 6:11

  10. hide yo kids hide yo wife cuz thr raping everybody out here says:

    -Bench Press
    (eating a little bit less)

    that’s it

    • ESPJT says:

      yoga will help heaps if your’e open to it. maybe u wouldnt think its
      cardio, but it can make you sweat in minutes, all over. great stuff

    • hide yo kids hide yo wife cuz thr raping everybody out here says:

      +The Monopoly Guy
      Try this compound movementes, try supersets, and just walk for 45 mins on
      empty stomach.

    • ESPJT says:

      great, i think he has most the answers for that also! he’ll tell you to
      walk an hour every morning on an empty stomach. ofc watch the diet.. and
      its what i do. not for weightloss but for my back. cant run much With my
      fucked up disc. so u have to find what Works for u friend:) gonna try
      swimming also. but im in much of the same Place as u for figuring out that
      Balance. good Luck!

    • The Monopoly Guy says:

      +ESPJT agreed. Strength camp was the first channel I started watching.
      Right now I’m in the process of trying to cut a little fat but trying to
      gain a little muscle as well. Any good suggestions on a good cardio vs
      workout balance?

    • ESPJT says:

      yes the boring exercises are ussually the ones we need. With crap posture
      and all. but u can fun ways to work Your weak parts im sure. maybe add
      pullups, and stretch Your chest/front.. chest will look bigger this way. so
      u kill 2 birds.. Balance is most important in both upper and lower body.
      then after that, building muscle. if thats the goal. watch elliot hulses
      videos on these topics.

  11. fluxten 'o mighty says:

    Mkay hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  12. Tommy Grille says:

    new game, take a shot every time he says mkay

  13. Jiggly Puff says:

    forget all this garbage, do waterfasting and eat clen

  14. imakefoodhappen says:

    The way you eat made me physically ill. As a chef, i could never eat that
    way for a week, let alone a decade! It doesn’t have to be so half assed to
    be healthy! Cook your food, for sure, but cook good food. Having a good
    relationship with your food letting it give you a simple daily pleasure is
    so important for your overall health. Food is not just fuel dude, it’s one
    of the best things in life.

    • Peter Tobin says:

      Raw meat I meant sorry, thought of eating raw eggs opens up my throat hole

    • Tanner Freshour says:

      high risk? not at all. I mean I ate raw eggs for years only to find out
      that they are “high risk” for salmonella… riiiiiiight. If you have a good
      gut you’ll be fine 😀 those ex-claimers are usually only for
      immunocompromised or diabetics and things like that.

    • Peter Tobin says:

      Isn’t there a high risk of food poisoning eating raw food unevenly heated
      in a microwave?

    • Tanner Freshour says:

      Normally it is just fat people… but apparently chefs are that way too

  15. Husky_27 says:

    rispectifull video

  16. neon flux says:

    The information was well explained, love the car analogy – that actually
    worked for me, I get it now.

  17. Angel Nguyen says:

    Will power is very important for real though lol

  18. May Jeganmogan says:

    he’s scary but in like a good way i feel motivated lol

  19. merc “antitrollers” andersson says:

    you can control about 30% of your total kcal burn the rest is genetics

  20. Weston Turkington says:

    I’ve been a whole year without drinking any soda or carbonated drinks

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